Jul 29, 2010

entry yg takde tajok..

Miss cherry just terfikir nak tulis benda ni..
Sumting to think about..
Let see how much it means to you, but for me it means a lot..
For guys.....

1) Kalo u admirer sumone, tell her how you admirer her..
She will appreciate that..

2) When she's upset, hold her tight.. Stay on the phone with her, even 
if she's not saying anything.. Girls like moral support..

3) Sing to her no matter how awful you sound.. Sebab gurls
hargai ape yang kome buat.. Yang penting ikhlas..

4) Tell her, she looks beautiful even she looks worst..
Becoz if u dont accept her worst, u dont even deserve her best!

 5) Look into her eyes and smile..

6) When u fall in love with her, tell her..
She might felt the same thing..

p/s: to sumone.. when i met u, my heart skipped a beat.. the sun became the moon, and cold turned into heat..
roses weren't red, and violets weren't blue.. all becoz i fell in love with u..;)


HiGHNeSS FiQ said...

wah..sungguh terasa..tp cmna kalo pmpn tu xsuka kita..
maluuu gila2 kot..hehe~

m!ss cherry said...

xpe, x salah kan kalo kita try..
hurm tu laa lelaki..
kalo dia x suka, en fiq ckp je laaa..
sj nk try test..bukan suke btol2 pon..haha


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