Nov 15, 2010

SHOUT! Award 2010

Nak pi SHOUT! award tp xde kt key el..waa sedey nyer..
Nak jumpe Iyaz, hunny madu, hafiz.Hehe ;p

Sempena shout award nih, miss cherry nak shout kan ape yg ade kat hati miss cherry.Rase mcm nak dominasi kan people disekeliling miss cherry.Ekcelly this is not a nomination but its already nominated by me & they already wont in this category.Wakaka sempoi betol ayat miss cherry ni.Jom check these out!

The most understandable person in my life.

The most loveable person.
(I love daddy, daddy loves me!)

The most tak kesah person.huhu

Paling mengader in the world.

Miss Perfect ever lah.(always check on her appearance)

BFF ever!

A good listener ;))

Person yang boleh menaikkan mood & menceriakan hati.

The best person giler!

The most wanna be person!!!


.:.:.:aJhAnDaM!a:.:.:. said...

haha...lawak jer...x de calon pown trus dapat result....menang tnpe bertanding nie..haha

Nurl!ana Nuk!lan Simetry said...

ye r, kalo bertanding pon, konfem menang gak lah.huhu


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